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  • susie_dent

    Word of the day is 'maw-worm' (19th century): one who insists that they have done nothing wrong, despite evidence to the contrary.

    12th April @ 17:23
  • dancottle

    @arbitorian Yessss. It’s funny, as soon as I read the fluff snipped on warcom I thought ‘this is exactly the sort o… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

    4th April @ 10:11
  • dancottle

    @arbitorian Aww man, I came here hoping you’d be stoked for these grumpy chonkers.

    3rd April @ 16:04
  • dancottle

    @robbiedaymond Holy shit, Robbie.

    29th March @ 19:45
  • dancottle

    @glitterhavoc @zacharyplyons @nikolaitnelson @otter_bean WHAT IS TIME AND WHY

    5th August @ 12:42
  • dancottle

    @AdamShepherdUK Oof, would you look at the ram scoops on that.

    22nd June @ 17:49
  • dancottle

    @rachelparris YES. One of us!

    17th May @ 19:25
  • AdamBienkov

    "Some people used to sneer at wind power... and say it wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding," says Boris Johns… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

    6th October @ 06:28
  • dancottle

    Tonight's dinner: salmon en croute; olive oil, paprika and muscovado potato wedges; and some green shit. instagram.com/p/CB1B2OOlihY/…

    24th June @ 18:52
  • dancottle

    @natasha_pulley I finished Pepperharrow today. Ruddy loved it. Thank you for everything (especially Katsu 2.0) :)

    14th June @ 18:55
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